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The greatest ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about. – H. Jackson Brown


The Vatican, child sex crimes and how Australia is the great facilitator


Catholic institutions were also the most commonly reported sites for abuse. Of 1,033 faith-based institutions reported to the commission, 68% were Catholic. When broadened out to include non-faith government and private sites, Catholics still comprised 41% of the total – the largest group.
Judge compares incest and pedophilia to past attitudes towards homosexuality, claiming they might not be taboo anymore. What chance does any one have with people like this in a position of power. He is not the only have heard about the police list.
Judicial corruption complaint made to the Federal Police, Crime Commission & others
I have also made complaints to the NSW Crime Commission, The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and others. The below email is exactly as I sent it (with a few corrections) although I have added the video and it is a follow-up from two previous articles. (Click here and here to read the previous articles).
Catholic sexual abuse cases in Australia 
Parish transfers of abusive priests
The Catholic sexual abuse scandal in Australia is part of the much wider Catholic sexual abuse scandals which are a series of convictions, trials and ongoing investigations into allegations of sex crimes committed by Catholic priests and members of religious orders.
A tightly organised, mafia-style pedophile ring, well orgistrated  The network has numerous branches and many thousands of members who profit from various illegal activities including drugs, arms and child sex trafficking.  It is a well oiled, clandestine machine fueled by public ignorance and distraction.
Victims of some of the worst sexual abuse perpetrated by the Catholic Church are being denied access to a vast archive of clergy crime, as the church continues to ensure the offending is kept secret, despite the files being handed over to the royal commission. 
The nearly 2000 files – which include evidence about at least 63 offenders – have been amassed by the church's insurers, but the church appears intent on paying millions of dollars in victims compensation settlements to ensure the documents are not made public.
Angry victims and their lawyers have called on Catholic Church Insurance Ltd to make the archive public to enable investigation of potential criminal cover-ups and to assist victims in dealing with their abuse and to seek compensation. Pell: "I'm not here to defend the indefensible"
THE CATHOLIC CHURCH is refusing to hand over 2,000 secret files on 63 pedophile priests. The Church's insurance company collected confessions and complaints from the 1990's, enough legal evidence to send bishops, police and insurance types to jail. Pictured is Father Michael Glennon who died a year ago whilst facing more sex charges. Nobody will ever know how many boys and girls he molested; he probably lost count himself. Famously in 1985 Derryn Hinch messed up Glennon's trial when he gave away Glennon's criminal history on live talk radio.
Data from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse recently revealed that, between 1950 and 2010, 60% of all abuse allegedly took place at faith-based institutions. Evidence showed that, in Catholic institutions, 95% of alleged offenders were men. This means the remaining 5% (or 96 of the 1,880 accused) were women.
This may come as a surprise. There is a common misconception that all child sex offenders are men. But women child sex offenders do exist, although they differ from male counterparts in several ways. Women also sexually abuse children, but their reasons often differ from men’s.
Archbishop Christopher Prowse chose to house a "disgraced" priest on the grounds of a primary school and now reports have confirmed that yet another priest, who may be a concern for the community, is living nextdoor to Ainslie school in Canberra.
Earlier this week we spoke on behalf of a family whose children attend Sts Peter and Paul Primary School. They were shocked and appalled to find out that Father Brian Hassett, a so called "disgraced priest," had been living at Lanigan House, a retirement home for clergy, on the school grounds.
The archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn has now revealed they are in the process of removing a priest from accommodation next to Ainslie School in Canberra's north.
Free speech and political speech is being suppressed in Australia by the NSW Supreme Court.
Suppression orders are being used to gag anyone and everyone in NSW and Victoria to conceal corruption. This week I was formally charged with contempt by the NSW Supreme Court. I can’t tell you everything because they put suppression orders on it but it relates to me making statements regarding judicial corruption involving 2 judges and a court registrar.
EXCLUSIVE: Ben McCormack's sick gay incest film about a father pleasuring his own SON that shocked hardened ACA colleagues - as it's revealed he 'wanted to settle down and have children'
A Current Affair's Ben McCormack, 42, wrote and directed a sick gay incest film.
A Current Affair reporter Ben McCormack directed a sick gay incest film that shows a father performing a sex act on his adult son, Daily Mail Australia can reveal.
McCormack, who was yesterday charged with sending child pornography, wrote and directed a five-minute film about a young man's trip to a gay bath house in Brisbane.
The protagonist, who wears nothing more than a towel for most of the short film, is seen being pleasured by an anonymous man, who is later revealed to be his father.
Dr Chris Lennings thinks that we should trust child rapists with children.
What do you think ?
Pedophile priest Ridsdale pleads guilty to abusing 11 more child sex victims
The former Victorian Catholic priest has admitted to abusing more than 60 children, but the true number could be as high as 1000.
Ridsdale, 82, on Thursday pleaded guilty to 20 new charges including rape, buggery and indecent assault against another 11 victims between 1962 to 1988.
"I plead guilty to all charges as presented," Ridsdale told the Melbourne Magistrates' Court.
Pedophile dad who offered daughter for sex appeals against 'excessive' sentence.
The case of a Perth father appealing his sentence for sexually abusing his daughter and offering her to other men for sex is "truly in a class of its own", the president of the WA Court of Appeal says.
Justice Michael Buss made the comment while hearing an appeal by the man's lawyer against his client's 22-and-a-half-year jail term for more than 60 offences against the girl, including the sexual servitude of a child.
Pedogate: Two Of Trey Gowdy’s Investigators Vanish Amid Pedophile Investigation Congressional Committee agents missing whilst following leads on Elite pedophilia ring. Two undercover investigators working for Congressman Trey Gowdy, on behalf of the Congressional Committee, have mysteriously gone missing in Arkansas during an investigation into child sex trafficking. Lots of people seem to go missing.
                                              Well its about time.
Alan Jones is under investigation by NSW Police for statutory rape of boys in the 1980’s
Fairfax Media’s 2GB radio host Alan Jones is under investigation by the NSW Police for the statutory rape of underage boys in the 1980’s. I have raised the issue with Fairfax Media, the ABC Board and the Prime Minister’s office and I am still awaiting responses.
One specific complaint to the police is by a man (Victim A) who says when he was an underage boy in the 1980’s he was picked up by Alan Jones at a place known as The Wall in Sydney and Mr Jones paid him for sex.
Child Abuse Royal Commissioner Justice Peter McClellan outlines failures of judges and prosecutors
In a speech on the 13th of April 2017 the Chairman of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, The Hon Justice Peter McClellan AM, raised issues regarding the failure of judges and prosecutors to do their jobs properly and therefore fail victims of child sex abuse.


​Ritual Abuse in Australia - "A tightly organised, mafia-style, hierarchically structured crime syndicate has infiltrated every aspect of Australian society including Parliament, judiciary, church denominations, law enforcement, military, child protection, hospitals, educational facilities and childcare centres. The network has numerous branches and many thousands of members who profit from various illegal activities including drugs, arms and child sex trafficking. It is a well oiled, clandestine machine fuelled by public ignorance and distraction."
The rage that doesn't go away. NING was a popular 13-year-old when she lost her virginity at a friend's birthday party.
She thought she was growing up but her father said she was ''spoiled'' as a woman. It was, in effect, a life sentence. He took her from their home in Kalasin, in north-eastern Thailand, to Malaysia and sold her to people traffickers.
Posing as her parents, the traffickers flew her to Sydney and sold her to a brothel. She was forced to have sex with 10 men a night and was kept prisoner during the day. Ten days later, on June 11, 1995, she was caught in an immigration raid and deported. No one in Australia has been arrested for the crimes against her.
Therapy in Turmoil: the Memory Controversy, Sydney Morning Herald (1 February, 1995) by Richard Guilliatt.
In a bizarre modern phenomenon, hundreds of women are dredging up lost memories of childhood abuse involving blood, sex and devil worship.
SATANISM - The Wood Royal Commission was to specifically examine allegations of satanic ritual abuse at Seabeach Kindergarten, otherwise known as the ‘Mr Bubbles’ case. The subsequent Royal Commission into the NSW Police Service Final Report was published on 1st May, 1997.
Child Sex Abuse Linked With Satanism: Police, Sydney Morning Herald (13 March, 1991) by David Humphries
PERTH: Perth police say they have proved a link between organised child sex abuse and devil worship, following the conviction on Monday of a young man on 22 charges of indecent assault and dealing and of evil intent. The head of WA’s child sex abuse unit, Detective-Sergeant Roger Smart, said the conviction of Scott Brian Gozenton demonstrated the link.
On the 29th May, 1998, at 3.45 pm, Senator Bill Heffernan stated in the Australian House of Parliament:
Recently I made a speech in which I highlighted the code of silence which protects worldwide child sex networks, in particular, Australian pedophile networks.
Police files on sex abuse ‘vanished’ The Age (April 19, 2004) by Gary Hughes
Police files on a suspect in claimed sexual abuse by men dressed as police are said to have “disappeared.”
MPs and police ‘in child sex network’ The Australian (9 July 2004) by Gosia Kaszubska
A SOPHISTICATED pedophile network involving former politicians and police has been operating in Victoria since the 70s...
Cult fights claims of child sacrifice The Age (November 22, 2006) by Barney Zwarts
An anti-child-sex campaigner accused an occult religious group of hosting parties at which naked children acted as waiters and at which members had sex with and murdered children, a tribunal was told yesterday...
*** The priest and Catholic Church openly admitted to satanic ritual abuse***
Priest Did ‘Ritual Killing’ The Courier Mail (May 26, 2006) by Gary Hughes
A CATHOLIC priest took part in satanic murders and rituals that included child sexual abuse. The Catholic Church’s Melbourne Archdiocese has accepted claims about the rituals as “substantially true” and paid $33,000 compensation to a man who was a victim of the rituals as a child.
‘Extraordinary’ claims true: Catholic Church, (May 26, 2006, 12:02) by Gary Hughes
The most extraordinary thing about today’s allegations of murders during satanic rituals involving a Melbourne priest is not that they’ve been made, but that the Catholic Church admitted in writing that it accepted they were substantially true.
Ritual abuse victim responds to critics,, (May 29, 2006, 12:02) by Gary Hughes
“First of all, thank you to all the commenters for taking the time to read Gary Hughes’ article on my situation and for giving your reactions. A number of issues have been raised and I would like to respond to them in turn. These issues as I see them are:
the time I took to bring forth the allegations; the issue of missing persons not triggering police investigations; whether these “memories” are recovered by hypnosis or other means; what evidence can I produce to support these claims; did the Church pay out only for the sexual abuse of that priest or did it include payment for the ritual abuse; what caused the Church to acknowledge my claim; and whether the priest was acting outside his role as a Catholic priest. To take the last point first, very clearly the priest was acting against the teachings of the Catholic Church…"
Chanting, spells and sex orgies at St Stanislaus College, Herald Sun (August 27, 2008) by Gemma Jones
POLICE are investigating claims that up to 40 boys were sexually abused by a pedophile ring of priests and teachers at an exclusive NSW school… A former priest at the school has been charged with 33 counts, a former teacher has already been convicted of several offences and two other teachers are under investigation.
In his first interview, a brave young man who used the internet to expose the abuse revealed the full extent of the horror at the school. He is one of two victims who have told The Daily Telegraph how they were herded into a prayer room by a priest chanting “hypnotic” spells in tongues. Inside the prayer room, the boarders who attended the school in the 1980s said they were subjected to horrendous sexual abuse or forced to assault each other…... Police last night confirmed 13 alleged victims had already come forward.
Priests and justice, Sydney Morning Herald (January 9, 2010) by David Marr
After two years of investigation, charges of pedophilia at St Stanislaus’ College, Bathurst, are moving to trial.
One winter day a couple of years ago, a troubled man walked the streets of Bathurst, handing out leaflets accusing a priest of sexual abuse. Tor Steven Nielsen’s life was a mess. A few weeks before this dash to Bathurst he had posted on his website a grim résumé of his 35 years: “As it stands now I am a convicted criminal who has been certified as delusional.
“I have no education, no house, no job, no job references, no licence, no car, no super, no savings. To this day, they are putting Drugs in my food and I find it very distressing…my life has been completely destroyed.”
Twenty years earlier, Nielsen had boarded for a few terms at Bathurst’s St Stanislaus’ College, where he was sexually abused by a teacher....
Liberal senator Bill Heffernan says former prime minister a suspected pedophile, Sydney Morning Herald (October 21, 2015) by Jane Lee (A Prime Minister is Australia's equivalent to America's President)
A former Australian prime minister is on a list of “alleged pedophiles” that Liberal senator Bill Heffernan claims forms part of a police document.
Senator Heffernan used a Senate estimates committee hearing on Tuesday to discuss the list of 28 people, which he said formed part of police documents that had been “signed off” by Gary Crooke, QC, the former senior counsel assisting NSW’s Wood royal commission into police corruption in the 1990s. Mr Crooke declined to comment when contacted by Fairfax Media on Tuesday.
Many of the people on the list and otherwise named in the documents were “prominent”, including a former prime minister, Senator Heffernan said: “They were delivered to me by a police agency some time ago because no one seems to want to deal with them.” Every Commonwealth attorney-general since Philip Ruddock had seen the list, Senator Heffernan said…The list is out there.
With the amount of sexual abuse and pedophile ring linked why are the Royal Commission avoiding Bathurst.
Well it will open up the real depth of the pedophile ring and those behind, really if you have read what I have posted and published, you can follow the people behind it, and that's not the half of it.

This is very much real but I'm amazed how much it gets swept under the rug. With over 250 email sent to all MPs, councils in Bathurst and Wollongong the commission and those sitting, the list goes on.

I have received one email back from the mayor of Bathurst, one lined response but a response non the less, and Gail Furness, well she didn't have the time to email me so she had someone send it on her behalf.

It is OK to talk about it. We need to. We need to expose this now to the full extent not half a job.

Or are we wait for the dinosaurs some who are involved and in and hold the power to leave there position, retire or die out then cry "Why didn't we do something when we had the chance". Then there family they leave behind have to live with it. Usual story!
We keep hearing the about the suppression orders and how they are there and exist to protect the victim. Well, that's crap!
The child protection laws stop that from happening anyway!
What is being suppressed is the names and convictions of the child sex abuse by the predators. I have come across suppression orders that go for 65 years another one for 80 years, really, who is behind that???

This is very real! How can the Royal Commission in good human decency walk away from this.


It is a fact that the NSW Police and the Vincentians had a very close relationship back in the eighty's. It is also true that the police used the college for accommodation during race weekends.
This included politicians.
The cost for Spillane's defense cost over 1 million dollars and he never won a case then you the tax payer paid for the rest of his defense when his financial backers pulled out.
This has been the largest case in the history of the DPP, why don't you know about it.
Main stream media has turned a blind eye, why?
The only people that have made money from this is the defense council. Over a million.
Some Victims/Survivors have put in claims against the church to find that they were offered the around sum of $91 thousand with legal bills tallying up to $110 thousand the solicitors ended with with there money and they ended up with a massive bill.
Why did the school offer an apology and for survivors to contribute when the head of the College would be well aware that suppression orders are still in place and survivors can not speak out. I found it in the Goodawindi News online, of all places.
There are a few survivors that have chosen to have their names released, though can only talk about there case or insolvent in the case, that leaves a lot of empty pages.
We are calling for The Prime Minister of Australia The Hon Mr Malcolm Turnbull PM to continue the Royal Commission into Institutional clergy child sex abuse and the cover ups that have been put in place. If he can announce a new Royal Commission into Unions announced on Monday 20th March 2017.
I have submitted my evidence to the royal commission about 4 years ago, received an email back and that was it. I sent another one not long ago and has fallen on deaf ears.
Why is the commission avoiding doing what the commission was set up for and to walk away because the case went for to long. Well the people in govt and rule makers made choices and for what reason choose to leave it. It was the attorney general that came out and said they had to clear the back log of clergy cases.
The Royal Commission has a responsibility for following up the extensive abuse held at St Stanislaus Collage over decades. The DPP did there job. You need to do yours.
The survivors need to be heard by the College as to what they feel is an apology.
Religious masses will not cut it. I met your servants of god and found out that they were just pure evil. You can not expect a survivor to sit through a mass of sorts.
The catholic church have to be held responsible. Arch Bishops and the master of deciept George Pell have come out in support of survivors and said a wide range of things to suggest support for survivors, the list is long and you can find the links on line. I will add them later.
I CALL BULLSHIT no one from the church or the school has even tried to contact me in any way shape or form. One of the reasons I had my name released was to test this and what has been said because I did not believe it then and now proven bullshit.
They could of even contacted me through the DPP, there not stupid.
This is NOT going to just go away and fade into the shadows. You took my mind, body and soul away at such a young age.
Journos like Terry and MP's such as David Shoebrige Greens MLC have been fighting for a Royal Commission in Bathurst for a long time now but keep being fobbed off, whitewashed, however you want to put it. Why?
A call by NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge - who campaigned for the royal commission - to renounce the Vatican’s diplomatic recognition was backed by human rights lawyer and church critic Geoffrey Robertson, QC, who said “if we have any self-respect we should sever our ties with it”.
David is the one who organised the community forum in Bathurst that bought the community together and the need for the Royal Commission to present itself to Bathurst was very clear and for the Commission to do what it was designed to do and not walk away from Australia's largest Pedophile ring. It has to stop NOW! David is organising another community meeting in Bathurst 05/2017 the date yet to be confirmed.
Judicial bribery – In 2015 Fairfax Media and the ABC’s Four Corners published stories stating that NSW Judges had been bribed $2.2 million by the Mafia. (Click here to read more) This has never been fully investigated but obviously should have been.
Judicial corruption – In Victoria and NSW judges are continually and illegally issuing suppression orders with no justification and having ex parte hearings with no justification. One can only assume that in many of those cases money is changing hands given the judges do not justify their decisions yet know they must. (Click here to read more)
Judicial pedophilia – In 2015 Senator Bill Heffernan claimed in Parliament on Tuesday (19/10/15) that he has a police list of 28 prominent people that includes a former Prime Minister and current judges that are suspected of being pedophiles. (Click here to read more) In 2016 a pedophile priest was given only 3 months jail for sexually abusing 3 boys which is scandalous and requires an investigation. (Click here to read more)
The suppression orders - The suppression orders are invalid as they impede my constitutional right to political speech. The judges who issued the suppression orders would know this as it is a well-known precedent: Coleman v Power (High Court of Australia 2004). In the precedent Coleman was handing out flyers alleging police corruption and called the police corrupt and slimy lying bastards. One of the police he alleged was corrupt (Power) arrested Coleman and charged him with using “insulting words” under the Vagrancy Act. Coleman was found guilty but when it ultimately went to the High Court the “Vagrancy Act” was found to be invalid in the situation.
The High Court found talking about police corruption is political speech and laws cannot restrict political speech as it is a person’s constitutional right. The High Court also found talking about any government corruption including judicial corruption was political speech and protected.
The point is in my matter the judges and people prosecuting the matter would know the Coleman v Power precedent makes the suppression orders invalid and are trying to cover the whole matter up from public scrutiny with invalid suppression orders.
The court has also failed to bring in an interstate judge to hear the matter that is required when the conduct of a judge is under question which it is clearly is in this matter given the charges against me. This is another part of their attempt to cover the matter.
This is just the beginning - there are a lot of them that will be exposed
This is a decision the Royal Commission has made knowing the worst of Australia's clergy pedophiles was yet to be heard. Who are they hiding? Who are they protecting? The Vatican, child sex crimes and how Australia is the great facilitator
For too long Australia has allowed the Catholic Church to protect sex offenders, and any information the Church holds on its own illegal activity, through its formal diplomatic recognition of the Vatican. It is the only religious body to be given these extraordinary protections.
The Greens are calling on this diplomatic status to be formally withdrawn so that its diplomatic immunity ceases and the Catholic Church is equal before the law.
Diplomatic immunity has hindered the Royal Commission from obtaining crucial church documents concerning repeated instances of child sexual abuse and it protects any senior church official from being extradited from Rome to stand trial for criminal offences.
Or was that the plan all along for them to draw out the case for so long that the commission had to end. But, it has not ended yet and still has the largest but many ways the easiest now, most of the hard work has been done. -David Shoebridge
Overview of Bill - David Shoebridge Roman Catholic Church Trust Property Amendment (Justice for Victims) Bill 2012

The NSW Court of Appeal has held that property held on trust under the Roman
Catholic Church Trust Property Act 1936 for the use, benefit or purposes of the
Roman Catholic Church in New South Wales cannot be used to satisfy legal claims
associated with sexual abuse by Roman Catholic clergy, officials or teachers. The
object of this Bill is to amend that Act.
This has been a 10 year court case, yes a decade, try and understand what that does to a person.
No more excuses, no more bullshit. Its done.



The fact is the general public will never know the truth. The suppression orders and in place. To protect who? The victims go under the child sex act anyway and have there names suppressed but why the details of Spillane and his colleagues throughout the Vincentan fatherhood.
We all know victims have not come forward. Some have taken their own lives.
Really, Spillane and his colleagues got off easy.
The Free Thought Project has reported on numerous occasions, pedophilia involving high-level government officials is becoming the norm rather than the exception.
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