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The Lies and coverup's continue - St Stanislaus College BATHURST

On the 06/04/2017 I contacted the College, not an easy task personally more than anything. I sent the email to the email address provided by Dr Anne Wenman as posted on the site below in the newspaper. Dr Wenman the head of St Stanislaus College has totally ignored my email with her invitation for victims to come forward to have an imput into this apology by the College for the sexual abuse and pedophile ring involving St Stanislaus College, one Fr Brian Spillane now labelled one of the worst clergy pedophiles in Australia's history, he didn't care if they were male or female as long as they were children.

Most people in this situation would be in a panic, did they get the email? What if they say they didn't get the email? What if? Well let me introduce you to something called email trackers. These are used for marketing purposes for one of many reasons, another is to verify if an email has been received, opened etc etc read more if you like here. NO EXCUSES!

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