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No Redress for Bathurst

When you think about Bathurst you may think about the food and wine, culture, the car racing, the bike racing, the heritage.

But, Bathurst has a very dark history.

Know as and referred to in court as ‘Pedophile Paradise’.

I am a former boarding student at St Stanislaus College, Bathurst in the 80’s.

I am a victim of Child Sexual Abuse, by priest Fr Brian Spillane, the college Chaplin. Convicted pedophile. The Vincentian Fatherhood.

There have been 16 priests/laymen/teachers charged from St Stanislaus College alone, 3 got off due to technicalities’, convicted Child Sex Abusers and Ritual Church fantasies. In jail now, some released.

One teacher who was released turned witness against the college. Spillane had other people turn witness against him, even those that once defended him gave.

In Fact, Brian Spillane as recent as 2019, is in jail but, police have charged him in 2018 regarding a ten-year-old boy who was allegedly sexually abused in a public toilet in Sydney in 1964 while Spillane was a trainee with the Vincentian religious order (more examples of the Vincentian, College Culture). The case had a brief procedural mention in Sydney Central Local Court on 20 November 2018, with a committal hearing to be held on a later date.

Bathurst has more than one Catholic College.

St, Stanislaus College (all boys), Scots College (all boys until the merge with All Saints this year 2019), All Saints, then you have the places that are slowly being deleted from history, all have had convicted pedophiles from their ranks. Then we have All Hallows, the boarding primary school run by the Sisters of Mercy, Bathurst, associated with St Stanislaus College.

Victims have died, taken their own lives, silenced by dodgy payouts and confidentiality agreements. Silenced.

Over 1 million dollars was believed to have been spent on Spillane’s cases alone, no one knows who paid for it.

Stalled and drawn out court cases, 10 years for me and I am still in legals, it is now 12 years fighting for justice, fighting to have these institutions investigated by a Royal Commission or similar, a Special commission of Inquiry that has the same power as a Royal Commission.

This is not Justice, it just shows what the media have been discussing over the last few days and what I and others have been saying for years, it is true how they hold or delay court proceedings.

The Vincentian's, founded by St Vincent de Paul, say they are compassionate in public but if you deal with them outside of that then they are a different breed, they use the donated monies to pay who and what they need to. The false apology says more then any words could. apology here

What hope does someone like me have against a system that looks after and supports this disgusting behaviour, it begs the question what else has gone on.

Former Prime Ministers and media personalities have come out in support of Cardinal George Pell and after he was convicted as a pedophile. Really, what does the law mean then?

This is the one thing that all governments have in common throughout Australia, protect the Church, not the Children.

Defend the Church. Not the Children.

Then the sealed documents from the Wood Royal Commission, sealed for 90 years. Protecting who from what? Does the public have the right to know, of course we do. The University of Sydney in 1997 raised concerns and wrote books on pedophile churches and culture, read here. It all fell on deaf ears again. Twenty two years later, the child sex exploitation in clergy networks continue.

The cover ups continue.

The first public reference to “Catholic Bathurst” was from the now deceased, the honorable local court magistrate Tom Hodgson who for the first time in his 25-year history asked to be excused from sitting on the bench for the Stannies trials as the “Catholic Bathurst was all too powerful”.

I believe it was the first time in legal history that a magistrate asked to be excused for religious reasons, a fear of the power of the Catholic Church in Bathurst, ‘Catholic Bathurst’.

We were virtually abused by the residents and the college “Old Boys” protecting their priests, brothers from the media in ruby rucks, in the street yelling they don’t believe it, it’s all lies.

Where are they now?

St Stanislaus College is the only Vincentian school in Australia, and having been founded in 1867, it is also the oldest Catholic Boys' Boarding School in Australia.

It is linked to Colleges set up all over the state and other states. The clergy traveled from parish to parish and if you use Br Gaven and Fr Spillane as an example their charges range from all over the state and victims have come forward stating that they traveled interstate as well.

Primary, rugby union was what joined or linked these Colleges.

Actually, a Papua New Guinea Catholic bishop reinstated an Australian Vincentian priest to a PNG high school despite a police investigation of allegations involving school students, and a church investigation confirming the priest touched students. read more here

What is different about Bathurst?

Is “Catholic Bathurst” all to powerful and above the law?

It seems to be. Why have they been immune to any investigation?

They dragged out court cases so long to ensure that the Royal Commission would have to end with no time left for the intensive investigation that Bathurst would require as stated by the commissioner.

So, are aspects the Government actually saying “Catholic Bathurst’ is more powerful than The Australian Government? Why not listen to the Royal Commission? They read and Interviewed victims.

How much power does the Royal Commission have, the recommendations made by the commissioner have not been followed through with, been ignored.

The banking Royal Commission has had more action then Institutional Child Sex Abuse inquiry.

They certainty have their roots well established into the government. That also supports asking the question; Is there a separation of Church and State?

I don't believe so.

After what I have seen and been through I would say defiantly not. The Government and Legal system are controlled or influenced by the Church. After all, the Legal system starts the year off with a formal mass and the Prime Minister Scott Morrison started the year off with prayers in Parliament.

To what God? The one he believes in of course.

The organisation or Institutions (Vincentian Fathers, Anglican Bathurst) in Bathurst HAVE NOT signed up for the redress scheme. view here

This does not surprise me at all.

St Stanislaus, Vincentian fathers have done everything to silence victims, control the court systems. They all say they will join by the end of 2019, Why not now? Why not before? Why no set date? Just something late 2019, Why?

I would imagine they will have all there assets liquidated by then, that way they can enter the redress scheme claiming the are poor and broke.

That would explain more than one thing!

Maybe now the Government should step in and take the responsibility to freeze all there assets and withdraw any and all Government funding.

It is clear they do not even listen to the popes words. They are a law unto there own. And, that seems to be the 'norm' everybody knows, everybody remains silent.

This is why it has flourished and grown in the shadows to the epidemic it is now.

The Child Sexual Abuse is so wide spread that not a country in the world that has escaped the vile behavior of the clergy, the 'Roman' Catholic Church.

Let that sink in for a moment - How many children, How many lives, really?

The reality is a clergy charged, on trial, will have more use of the legal system then any victim/survivor.

I know, I have been through it and still going through it 12 years on. They seem to have to power to get paperwork submitted and heard in a matter of hours or weeks, it takes me 2 years to get a mention then apparently another 2 years to get a hearing. As always, it's what you know but who you know, right!

That will take matters for me to 2021. I gave my statement in 2007.

Who knows?

I believe it will be dragged out until they are 'officially broke' and everything has been liquidated and then cry poor, all the rest. Belittle and degrade me through the court process as long as they can. They usual story.

Watch this space I guess. 'Dug in like an Alabama tick now'. What does one do?

Meanwhile they will spend millions on legal fees to control what that need to. There is nothing fair or just in the justice system, there is a lot of money though.

Don't forget clergy go from being "convicted" in District court to being "alleged" in Supreme court.

St Stanislaus College made an apology to Victims and Families. It was all lies. I went to another apology, The National apology at the Opera House, I listen to Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Pru Goward, (her apology to Institutional Child Sex Abuse has been removed here) the attorney General and the the biggest display of showmanship Scott Morrison PM and the crocodile tears.

I was embarrassed and offended. It is all fake, rubbish, a show whatever you want to call it. I can say this because I have tried all avenues and the fact is, it’s just words, words without action. They say they care and they listen. That’s not true, again I tried. I tried to contact our Premier 2 times, Pru Goward and the PM and everyone else, I am still waiting for a response.

I did expect a response, but I had to put it to the test and if I received any support then that would be an awesome bonus. I didn’t receive any.

I don’t know why I got disappointed, but I did.

They have families and children and I would of thought they could of put themselves on the outside and have a look in; What if, What if their children got caught up in the Catholic pedophile culture.

Maybe the Church does have its hands controlling our government and legal system.


Would you take the chance?

It is what we have been saying for years.

Schools in the Bathurst region HAVE AGAIN come out among the highest earners in terms of state and federal funding for their education. Earners??

24 Bathurst region schools

-Carenne School received the highest per student funding, $45,751 for each of the 105 -Black Springs Public School second highest out of the, and received $41,281 for each of its 10 students.

-Sofala Public School’s 10 students was the equivalent of $34,130 for each child. The list is here, St Stanislaus College, Scots, All Saints also receives government funding. read here

Just another example of how our Government will help the pedophile networks flourish.

You don’t get the name of “Pedophile Paradise’ mentioned in court just for the sake of it.

In Fact, Judge Tupman said Spillane abused his position of trust as a teacher and chaplain and "used religious rituals to increase his power over his victims".

The question has to be asked why do they still get any funding?

The take no responsibility for their actions, they take and take some more. Why are they not taxed then?

They will take your children for their sexual pleasures. For their ritual beliefs. To act out their fantasy’s.

The courts and jails are full of clergy pedophiles. What more has to be done?

One man, told the court Spillane sexually abused and mentally tortured him, and that his existence since has been "the living embodiment of hell".

This is just one.

There are hundreds more.

No one will ever know the true reality of the number of victims from this college.

"I'm dead inside. I look forward to the day I die," he said via a statement read by a relative.

One victim, who was sexually abused and subjected to "exorcisms" as a 13-year-old boarder, told the court: "My life has been the embodiment of living hell."

"It is unlikely that there was not one person at St Stanislaus' that had not noticed what this offender had been doing for almost 20 years," Judge Tupman said Some Impacts from just one of the Child predators at St Stanislaus College, Bathurst.

That Child was me.

There has been no accountability. Just to much pain. I cannot even begin to heal or try to move forward. There seems to be no end to there game playing. That is just what it is, playing games with peoples lives. With everything everybody knows about the Catholic Church, Government and legal system operating supporting each other, what chance does anyone have for justice.

Don't forget Pell called those that stood against the church enemies of the church. The Pope refereed to us as relatives, cousins and friends of the Devil.

I'm good with that.

I would have to believe in their God for me to believe in their devil. They showed us that, even to this day.

I believe children should come first.

I believe children should be protected.

The Catholic Church does not, that's just a fact now!

Next time your at the Bathurst Races - throw a thought to the abused children of Bathurst.

The victims of Bathurst Institutions.

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