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Vincentian Pedophiles - St Stanislaus College, BATHURST



boarding school in Bathurst, central-west

New South Wales.

This school has become notorious because of the number of convicted pedophile clergy. In 2019 the charges continue. The Vincentians have over 280 charities across the world. Known as the VinFam (Vincentian Family).

Vincentian Pedophiles and the College. What has been proven so far.

-Father James Patrick Jennings

-Father Murray Joseph Wilson

-Father William Stanley Irwin

-Father Charles Alfred Barnett

-Father Brian Spillane 'The Superior'

-Brother John Francis Gaven

-Father Guy Hartcher

-Father Kevin Francis Phillips

-Father Dominic Phillips

-Father Glenn Humphreys

-Richard John McPhillamy

-Stephen Joseph Wade - teacher

-Father Peter John Ryan

-Father Hugh Edward Murray OAM (the removal of the OAM was ignored)

-Brother Peter Dwyer ‘The President’

-Father Phil Robson ‘Dean of Discipline’

Carried the title CM. Congregation of the mission.

All had been charged. Three escaped the charges. Read more in link below. The rest were convicted. This was just a 'probe' into one college.

Calls for an investigation are being dismissed. Catholic Bathurst. Catholic Government. The Government has made a choice to harbor and again protect these Institutions. Only in this environment would a District court finding been null in void when it gets to Supreme court and the convicted clergy goes to being a convicted criminal to the title of "alleged" and the victim has to go through it again and prove what is no longer relevant in District court.

This is clearly to deter any victims pursuing any claim or seek any justice when these Institutions/Churches are involved. However, this is not legal in any seance, but Church Institutions have different rules and laws.

When you read the link below it will become more evident.

This was just one college in Bathurst. St Stanislaus College.

The Vincentian's "folly" for there perverted sexual acts against defenseless, scared children go far beyond comprehension.

Priests would use the College for accommodation from around Australia and overseas. They covered up child sex abuse. Supported by the "Catholic Government'. The Police used it for accommodation in the 80's over bike race weekends read details here

If you would like to sign the petition, click link below.

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