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Spillane, The College, St Vincent de Paul Society

Convicted pedophile Fr Brian Spillane-The College-The St Vincent de Paul Society. St Vincent de Paul founded Vincentians, Vincentians founded the Society.

Over a million was spent on defending the convicted pedophile from the Vincentian Order know as 'The Superior' in charge of all other clergy at St Stanislaus College, Bathurst, Fr Brian Spillane CM. This was the amount of just one defense. I mention 15 more from the college just through a police 'probe' not an actual investigation here

Why is Bathurst different and above the law? Catholic Bathurst - Catholic Government.

There seemed to be some confusion if Spillane or the College had anything to do with the society.

'Spiritual leader' Spillane

The Vincentians have done everything to avoid paying any compensation or even stick to the words of the apology they gave for the child sex abuse by Vincentian clergy, laymen and teachers. The College stills accepts funds and has been given funding again from the government but refuse to now join the redress scheme along with the other institutions of Bathurst.

They have belittled, abused, lied, manipulated and even tried to have victims labelled as 'delusional'. Well it was in fact one person was labelled that, that person ended breaking down the door.

He is far from delusional.

In fact like most victims that went there, highly intelligent but the ultimate betrayal from there experience from the most trusted in society at that time, the priests, the carers, those that our parents trusted to look after us and to keep us safe while in there view were going to get a better education, only to find there children never came home.

Ignoring that is delusional.

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