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They Have Known All Along

I keep hearing in the media and people saying ‘we now know the effects Child Sex Abuse (CSA) has on a child and throughout developing years and into adulthood. The sad thing is, it was there was all along. They have known all along!

There have been many people trying to highlight the problem in our society, but again, everyone heard but no one listened. It was someone else’s problem.

Sydney Associate Professor at the time, Patrick Parkinson highlighted this fact in The University of Sydney’s Newspaper, volume 29 No.11 click here to read more.

A specialist in family law and child protection and chair of the state government backed Review of the Children's Care and Protection Act (NSW1987), hopes the book, Child Sexual Abuse and the Churches, will help pave the way for action from the churches. It didn’t. They (the government, the churches, the people) ignored it all.

"We can forgive for something which has happened in the past, but that doesn't mean we should give trust for the future. It should be possible for a Christian person or community to forgive someone, without ever trusting them with their children again." – Instead files were sealed.

People forgave but it didn’t stop, 22 years later and here we are. total cover up, the government knew all along. They turned a blind eye to the protection of children, nothing has changed, in fact become worse.

Look at the mess the family law is in. the child sex abuse by clergy, covers ups continued on, in fact, on would say supported by church and government. There are many examples of this.

"The truth is that child sexual abuse is a crime and goes way beyond adultery — it is, in fact, sexual exploitation of the vulnerable and emotionally immature, and usually causes lifelong psychological damage." May 22 1997

This was the time Mr John Howard became PM and we all know and have seen how they protect and support convicted pedophiles.

It is no secret that the files from the Wood RC were sealed. Why?

More secrets and more cover ups and children are still not safe.

“Certainly a vast amount has been written on the issue, but I really feel that the churches have been naive in handling the problem."

One of the particular problems practicing Christians face is that they find it almost impossible to believe that a fellow Christian, who has devoted their life to the teachings of Christ, could sexually abuse a child. "They can comprehend that someone might commit adultery, or have premarital sex, but abusing a child just seems beyond the pale,"

What’s changed? We already know they have the full support of the government but, they can now manipulate the legal system or they always could but now I have not just seen the documents but I have such documents where a convicted sex offender is found guilty in a District court but then becomes an alleged offender in Supreme court. This has nothing to do with Justice, it Just Is.

When is enough, enough? Only you can do something about it! Silence hasn’t helped. I am just one person but I say #NoMore.

It’s hard, its emotional, it is taxing in every way.

I never want a child to feel the way I did and fell today or have to go through it, children deserve better, you are their voice. If you don’t listen, then who will? No child deserves it.

Called by solicitors for churches/orders and brushed off as ‘folly’.

I find that excuses just disgusting and does not fit into the standards that society expect, but again it is ignored. Society turns a blind eye. The government has turned its back of on CSA survivors.

It would be nice to be given a chance to try and heal but that’s not possible.

I don’t even know who I am.

My fight continues.

Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church: 1997 rmit university, Melbourne.

An Interpretive Review of the Literature and Public Inquiry Reports click here to read more

More to come.

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