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Please join us in the #NoMore Campaign!

The purpose of this is to tell the World Catholic Church empire that enough is enough. To let the Catholic organisations and those that are protecting the Catholic Church and Clergy and blaming any Victim or Survivor is NOT ok!

Belittling Victims or Survivors is NOT ok.

To tell the Australian government and governments world wide that #NoMore protecting the Catholic Church and/or Religious organistaions, they are responsible, hold them accountable like you would any other organisation.

My Name is Damien Sheridan and I say #NoMore

#NoMore Tax exemptions. They have caused all this damage to children and families world wide and don't even pay a cent in tax that would help support some of the hospital needs that the surviving victims require.

#NoMore Victim blaming.

#NoMore Lies.

#NoMore Coverups.

#NoMore Government support for Institutions failing to join redress scheme, and yes, the Institutions of Bathurst including St Stanislaus College still receives government funding. Why? They never supported victims.

#NoMore Secrets.

#No More Lies.

#NoMore Government protecting Church, supporting Church while leaving victims and survivors in a world alone, full of hurt and pain.

#NoMore Talk - Put up or Shut up. You as a person have a voice. Take a stand for the children that have lost there's, that are unable to speak. Didn't make it to speak.

You as a person have a choice to say #NoMore

#NoMore Abuse from litigating solicitors.

#NoMore Words. How about some action.

#NoMore Government supporting clergy pedophiles or networks.

#NoMore Child Abuse - Sexual, Ritual, Verbal, Physical, Emotional. #NoMore. It has to stop. It has to end and it is up to us now to say #NoMore. You, the Catholic Church and the you, the Government were given the chance to step up and you haven't. #NoMore. You left us! You betrayed us all, again!

The Pope says one thing, but, Religious Orders do another.

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