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"WE.STAND.UP.FOR.THE.PEOPLE"- In parliament on the 30.03.2017 the Hon Mr Bill Shorten MP m

In parliament on the 30.03.2017 the Hon Mr Bill Shorten MP made a statement that I hope he means. He made it very clear in parliament, with a rather dramatic performance, "WE.STAND.UP.FOR.THE.PEOPLE". In his own words.

If that is the case the victims - survivors and the community are not just requesting but expecting the Royal Commission to do its job and investigate the Institutional clergy child sex abuse in Bathurst, after all that is what the commission was set up to investigate. With what is now know as the biggest case in DPP history why would you ignore such events, or even think about doing so.

After all Mr Shorten you told us all very loud and clear "WE STAND UP FOR THE PEOPLE" they are strong words and we are all hoping you follow through with your strong stance standing up for the people. Read more at also follow the Facebook link for more information.

Still nothing has been said, nothing has happened. Total ignorance, not a word said, emails have been sent and no response. No one wants the Royal Commission to go to investigate The Institutional clergy sex abuse and the linked pedophile ring involving not just the clergy but politicians, police, judges and much more.

The government and people in those departments know this is going on and get whitewashed every time they make a noise. This is very real and very much part of our society. Is it Ok for people just to sit back with there heads in the sand and not want to know about it, I ask you - what if it was your child, relative, brother, sister would you want to know and pay attention then?

Mr Shorten you made very strong statements, when are you going to make a stand and raise your voice to condemn those responsible. You made it very clear in parliament, so when do you actually stand by your words, or do we just consider this another one of those things that you say just to sound good. We The people are still waiting.

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