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To the editor,

I am writing this to raise and express my concerns in releasing articles that are NOT factual.

The article I refer to was published 24 May 2017, 12:13 p.m. Headed Public apology for victims of sexual abuse at St Stanislaus' College.

Judgement decision Fr Brian Spillane, Australia's worst clergy pedophile.

In fact the lies and damage that you cause the victims by publishing such nonsense is quite concerning, all the victims ever wanted is transparency and truth. Both of those have not been replicated by the College.

In fact it is the total opposite. I contacted the school as Dr Anne Wenham requested in the Goondadwindi newspaper article I came across, this was not a publication that was wide spread.

The reason I know this is a bunch of lies and the victims/survivors have not been asked or an effort to invite them personally is because they victims are under suppression orders. I am one of two that have had their name released and are not bound by certain suppression orders. Everyone else has suppression orders still in place so they cannot talk as I can and their names are still under suppression orders.

As I said I contacted the College on behalf of myself and others that I cannot identify (suppression orders) regarding the invitation for victims to come forward and to have a say in the apology. I have not received a response from the College, though as you published they have announced the time, place of the event.

You can read about it on the site

The truth is that the College want nothing to do with the victims or their input. As you published “It is our hope and intention that the Apology and Liturgy may offer one step in the healing process for survivors, as well as for their families and friends,” Dr Wenham said.

The Public Apology and Liturgy of Sorrow and Hope begins at 7pm, and will be followed by supper.

Family and friends have not been invited? It is totally contradicting themselves. One hand this is supposed to be a public apology, however as you published ‘No media allowed’ how is that a public apology? How is that transparency? There is no truth just more and more lies and cover ups.

The word ‘Liturgy’ comes from ‘leitourgia’ is a Greek composite word meaning originally a public duty, a service to the state undertaken by a citizen see more here

So, taken that on board then this is NOT a Liturgy. So, what is it, and what is the purpose, who is it for? It is defiantly not for the victims/survivors. Staging a religious event as an apology is not what the victims want; we want transparency, truth, accountability. You forget this is not a small thing; this is a pedophile network that has flourished for decades. It first came to public light in 1994, nothing was done, it was hidden and tried to cover it up. The College paid out and lump sum to a victim when he came forward and silenced him back in the late 90’s, victims were abused and called liars, condemned by the community. The college knew about this and knew what was going on in, at and around the College and Bathurst.

The biggest case in DPP history, for me it was 10 years of my life taken away in court proceedings, they did everything to break us and destroy us. We hung in there as hard as it was, we did what was right. So, why has the media been quite about this or is publishing the truth too difficult for main stream media but publishing blatant lies is not just unethical but unlawful. So many victims, and more charges than any other pedophile priest Fr Brian Spillane and crew didn’t mind if they were male or female as long as they were children, that’s just a fact. According to what I have read you do not publish the truth just what you think sounds good.

‘Dr Wenham said the public apology was a shared acknowledgement that the abuse of children and young people was a failure of the Mission of the College which seeks to open the eyes, minds and hearts of our students to God’s loving presence in their lives’. Just this quote alone shows the lack of understanding.

There are many factors that contradict everything that Dr Wenham has said and is doing. IT IS JUST A SHOW, comical none the least. Dr Wenham knew that the victims are under suppression orders and therefore cannot come forward, having a victim name released and then respond to her invitation was totally unexpected and a shock I guess, but to be totally ignored is just as caulis, as the College has displayed in the past.

Is this acceptable, I don’t think so!

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