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A letter of Apology for the little ones left

A letter of apology for the little ones will not give them there lives back. It will not take away the pain. It is no solace for the dammed who walk the earth wondering why they were the sexuality possession and folly, gratification for priests, bothers, teachers, layman and the list goes on and on. You can not give back a life time of trauma. An apology is a political stunt. You covered up this abuse for many many decades. Knowing this was happening but concealing it. They did make a vow of chastity for a start then the whole catholic stance on homosexual acts. But PRUSUE such acts on defenseless children that knew no better then try to say it was there fault. then preach the opposite to the parish SHAME SHAME SHAME Hippocrates. Do as I say but not as I do. One got caught out, lets just more them the another school, parish so they can start there predatory acts against children.

The best way to support a pedophile is to donate to your local church! Sad, but true. No one actually believes they sorry. It was a cult, a gang that flourishes on the miss conception and miss guidance to the outside world. A culture of moving around and protecting pedophiles, child abusers, thilth, law breakers of common law and church law, destroys lives not just of the children but the ones that love these children, there family's. What about the ones that have died? An apology is acceptance of behalf of all Catholics as the Pope suggests.

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