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The Real Bathurst - The Real College

Child sex trafficking between Sydney, Wollongong, Bathurst, and Canberra. Crimes were committed in the Engadine BoysTown chapel; Holsworthy military barracks, which sits adjacent to Engadine; Regina Coeli Memorial Catholic church at Beverly Hills; St John’s College Catholic Chapel at Sydney University; the Caltex oil refinery in Kurnell; Garrawarra Cemetery, near Waterfall; Bathurst City Hall; and in many of the national parks located between Sydney and Wollongong.

In 1985, I witnessed approximately 10 children raped and murdered in Bathurst, during the weekend of the famous Bathurst car race. Some of these children were victims of kidnappings. Other children were born unregistered so that they could be used as sex slaves. The abuse was orchestrated by a former Whitlam Government Education Minister Kim Edward Beazley, a police commissioner, an Australian sporting icon, a Sydney University lecturer and a prominent screen actor. The latter raped me in front of a large crowd that included numerous priests and police.

A former St Stanislaus student, the man was due to testify at one of the College’s paedophile trials. Before he could appear, however, he was found dead in the law chamber library one morning — hanging by his necktie from a bookshelf.

The walls of St Stanislaus College have housed budding Wallabies players and the bravest of war correspondents but an unimaginable secrets have been stored.

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