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Police call for St Stanislaus College Royal Commission investigation

STATEMENT FROM THE ROYAL COMMISSION: When making decisions as to whether to hold public hearings, the royal commission must consider amongst, other matters, its available resources. The number of allegations it has received make it impossible to publicly examine all of them. A significant consideration in deciding whether to hold a public hearing is whether there are ongoing criminal proceedings which could be prejudiced. This is the case with respect to Bathurst and was a significant issue.

In a statement to PM, the commission said private sessions had been held with abuse survivors in Bathurst, but that a public hearing was unlikely to be held.

One hundred and sixty victims connected to the school have come forward so far. Senior police believe the 10-year probe into the Catholic boys' school is the biggest child sexual abuse investigation of an institution in Australian history.

Now Criminal proceeding have been completed why has there been an Investigation into Bathurst? The Police call for it. The survivors call for it. There families call for it.

The evidence is overwhelming so why are these institutions still been overlooked. Why have they not been charged with concealing child sex crimes? And many other crimes against children.

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