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The Royal Commissions Response Into Child sex Abuse invited community responses.

'30-40 boys abused while attending St Stanislaus College, Bathurst'. The real number will never be known. Well over 300 charges. Over 30 odd years that we can go back to. No one else is alive.

No on can believe that almost everyone in senior positions in Australia's oldest catholic college, if not provided to have been involved, should shorley have know and done something.

Bathurst was labelled in court as a 'Pedophile Paradise"

It was published the Sydney Morning Herald on the 9th January 2010 and files handed in that includes horrendous case of teacher at All Saints, and all the impacts.

The Commissioner did say it would be investigated but has not happened.

What happened to the "adopt recommendation protocols"? But then the call put out was "there will be no public hearing into Stannies, Scots or All Saints College".

No one will ever forget the stannies old Boy's Association rallyed the stannies parents and friends to support the charged pedophile priests from Stannies, and brothers outside the Bathurst court house yelling "we don't believe any of these charges" and "they are innocent". Private cars, back doors, security to protect the charged priests and Brothers, while the victims were abused and called liars, all but spat on by the College community.

Where are they now? So gutless they cannot even step up and apoligise to the victims they belittled, abused and called liars.

The College Culture - Cover it up. Move on.

That is what makes these Institutions flourish and grow. Well done!

Where are you now? Don't you think you at least owe those victims an apology, at the very least?

This is the first instant that you can clearly see the legal system used and abused to help and support the College and the Vincentian Fatherhood.

The then and now deceased, honorable Local Court Magistrate, Tom Hodgson, asked to disqualify himself from the"hearings of charges in Catholic Bathurst where the church is all powerful".

He stood aside for the first time in his career...

Bathurst Police doing there jobs were harassed.

There has been no transparency, no accountability.

The All powerful Catholic Bathurst just move on with the covers ups, lies, depict.

The question still remains;


What is different about Bathurst?

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