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Calls for a Royal Commission into St Stanislause college, BATHURST - AUSTRALIA

After over a decade of trials another priest from St Stanislaus college, Bathurst, NSW, AUSTRALIA has been sentenced further more demonstrating the culture of the college and pedophile network set up and establish, and actually flourished and served clergy and others for decades. The cover up and moved clergy around. All alone just giving them a wider scope to prey and convict there vile intentions on innocent children. Actually everything that the bible calls evil.

This is very much a cult and such a gang and should be outlawed as one and taken down like any other gang or cult. There is nothing good about this order or college. In fact the "CULTURE' follows history back to the home land of Ireland and follows the Catholic culture.

A Royal Commission into this would be just the start. There is more than one boarding school in BATHURST.

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