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Notorious pedophile from St Stanislaus College Fr Brian Spillane back in court for further pedophile


Another Stannies pedophile conviction. Its a culture.

Spillane also used religious rituals, including exorcisms, prayers and speaking in tongues, as a ruse to sexually abuse the boys. ​ "He knew that most of these complainants were desperately homesick and offered them comfort only to sexually abuse them," Judge Robyn Tupman said. "He knew he could act with impunity and with almost no chance that his behaviour would be revealed." ​

The judge described Spillane as "wickedly manipulative", saying the former priest drugged a year 10 student who went to Spillane's room seeking counselling. He was given tablets and a cough mixture which drugged him, Spillane then proceeded to sexually assault the boy on his bed. ​ Another of his victims, a 14 yr old boy was assaulted on several occasions and raped by Spillane who told him not to tell his family, because it would make it harder for his already seriously ill mother. ​

So not only did this monster abuse his position of power, he further preyed upon the vulnerable by abusing those needing comfort and support within the school, where he was a high ranked official and revered priest. ​ Spillane was first taken into custody for child sex offences in 2010 and has faced a string of trials. He was found guilty of abusing more than 30 children over a period of nearly 30 years.

Judge Tupman sentenced Spillane to a maximum 13 years with a non parole period of nine years. As his sentence will run partially concurrent with Spillane's current term, his eligible release date has been extended by only five years to 2026.

We do not serve sentences consecutively the way they do in the United states. If we did, this monster would be behind bars until at least 2120. ​ The fact that Spillane refused to face his victims in the court house, or show the slightest remorse, speaks volumes about child rapists. "

One of the many saddest things about all of this is the Vincentian fatherhood, the college all knew what has happening and either turned a blind eye, supported and helped hide the abuse or joined the cult and went on to do there own damage in other parishes. Kinda sad knowing all sorts of government and officials are, were involved in either joining in or turning the other cheek. It was not easy for those that did try and speak up, they were silenced very quickly.

Catholic priest, 75, is charged with ‘raping a 10-year-old boy in a public toilet during an altar boys’ picnic’ more than 50 years ago

The college has been called out on many occasions about the child sex and ritual abuse carried out not just at the college but in places around Bathurst and some children went on holidays only to be shared around by fellow clergy.

Prosecutor Beth Walker said: “In my submission, your honour, the brief of evidence paints a picture of rampant pedophilia.”

This is what happens when you tried to speak or worse, much much worse.

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