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POPE calls Victims of Child Sex Abuse "Friends, Cousins and Retaliates of the Devil"

The Pope addresses the Summit for Clergy Child Sex Abuse.

The reality is all of this is just for show.

There will be no change. There has been no change.

Children will always be in danger from the Clergy and they have made it clear that they believe they are above any laws, laws governed by society. They will still not report any Child Abuse given in confessional.

Why are they a law unto there own? There has to be a clear Separation of Church and State. There isn't one in Australia.

The readdress scheme was all talk.

What hope does any survivor have, families and those seeking justice. Only to be called friends, cousins and relatives of the devil by the Pope, the high priest of the Catholic religion.

Children abused, have grown up not been able to cope. Not just the physical abuse, the ritual abuse, the sexual abuse but these children were led to believe in a good, just, God. A God they led children to believe was loving, gentle, caring only to find the opposite and used clergy for the devious and disgusting desires.

Children gave them there trust because of what they were led to believe in, in the fictitious book called the Bible. It was all lies!


There has been more action from the Banking Royal Commission already then any action from the government in regards to the Institutional Child Sex Abuse Commission.

It just shows what ALL the survivors, families, advocates are saying "you are out of touch and you don't care" in fact you do more to hide and help cover up the true extent of crimes like Bathurst, and make it all but impossible for victims to even access such a scheme. If fact the government didn't listen to the recommendations handed down by the Commission.

From the Pope: "Those who spend their lives accusing, accusing, accusing are not the devil's children because the devil has none.

"[They are] friends, cousins and relatives of the devil, and this is wrong."

The comments were made on the eve of the Vatican's landmark summit into the protection of minors, with 190 bishops and heads of Catholic religious orders travelling to the Holy See to ensure church leaders are held accountable to victims.

Pope: "Who is the accuser? Who in the Bible is called the Great Accuser? The devil.


I say two words to you "prove it".

The two words no religion has been able to do.

I say you are wrong.

I say you are out of touch.

I say you release the secret records and reveal the true extent of the child sex abuse, the ritual abuse, the abuse of nuns and the list goes on right..

Show us and have a little faith that the worlds people will forgive your organisation.

You will NOT expel the priests who sexually abuse children but move them out of the public.

Are the child predators withdrawn totally from society and put on there own island? or just moved to another Parish?

Prove that your God exists. You cannot do that, so your devil is a figment of Catholism as well.

Scare tactics.

The Bible calls all the actions that clergy and associates have done and labels them evil and acts of the devil. You don't even believe your own rubbish and try to muniliplate where you can.

Australia and New Zealand were settled relatively recently, only about two hundred years ago. Being on the other side of the world and down under we were isolated from the civilizing influences of the best ideas of continental Europe and settled into imitating the culture of our British heritage. That gave us parliamentary democracy and the rule of law, but, I will argue, it did not give us separation of church and state as a matter of course. We thus have flawed democracies. We did not separate church and state like the Americans and the French perhaps because it never occurred to us to do so. The question is, why it did it never occur to us?

Read here. Max Wallace

Go Figure!


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