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A Royal Commission is needed into BATHURST - This is why.

I would like to introduce you to ALL HALLOWS CONVENT AND BOARDING SCHOOL FOR PRIMARY CHILDREN. The Sisters of Mercy. This is one of the places in BATHURST that is in the very HUSH HUSH category and to find out much history from this place is not easy. I had a family member that was sent there. That was the late 50's, early 60's. The Sisters have there own stories of what happened to them by the priests and what happened to the children. The link below just shows the Rev. Father King, CM. (President, St. Stanislaus' College), Rev. Father W. Cantwell, CM. (St. Stanislaus'), and Rev. Father E. Murphy (Cathedral) linked to All Hallows and so forth. The date on this is 29 December 1938.

Just speak to the aboriginal community there, it was there land until it was taken/stolen from them. They were beaten, raped, children went missing, never to be seen again. There land stolen. This is the real Bathurst. This is the real Catholic College.

From here we can establish written links from St Stanislaus College to Maitland (Hunter Valley), Sydney and then networks established and priests were moved from parish to parish all the time sexually abusing Children and worse if you could imagine that. Children were used in rituals, all in the name of God.

Then comes the Mt Panorama act that made sure the aboriginal community would never get there land back. The sad part of this is the land was sold a few years ago and instead of going to the original owners that had there land stolen, the Aboriginal community. The Mt Panorama act back in the 80's sealed there fate.

"Unbeknown to the local Aboriginal community, in 1984 a deed of trust was drawn up and placed in the hands of the Aboriginal Develop-ment Commission".

We all know the corruption in the government in the 70's & 80's and how corrupt the NSW Police were then as well. It's now well documented. Movies and TV shows have been made about it and it is still going on today. The brotherhood. Bill Hefernan named the Prime Minister believed to be involved in Parliament, under privilege. Many already knew and some know of a lot more. Just search google. Is the cover up becoming more clear now?

“Instead of putting all their resources into establishing the ownership of All Hallows and following the Dominican Sisters’ wishes, they did everything in their power to invalidate Bathurst Aboriginal community ownership, leading them to sell All Hallows, without any compensation to the Aboriginal community,” Mr Crawford said.

You thought all this ended and the Aboriginal people were treated as equal now, not In Bathurst. No, they didn't even try to offer to compensate them.

The power and money that the Vincentians (St Stanislaus College) have in Bathurst and beyond is what they do not want you to know about.

This is suppose to be a Church of God remember.

With the murderous and devious history of the Catholic Church, I guess anything is possible. I am going to publish some writings soon that will show you all that this is nothing but a criminal gang under the definition of the Australian government and Australian law so how come there are different rules for different people and/or organisations. Not one law at all. So how are they allowed to flourish and not even pay taxes. They will lie, cheat and steal in the name of God. That's how its justified and support by it's followers. The sheep that pray to there imaginary friends. In psych terms they have many names for that condition.

What a crock of sh%t!

The first time in Australia's history a convicted criminal has had a judge give a National media ban over the conviction. Yes, there are other cases but it is the only one ever given this treatment. Why, a criminal is a criminal.

This is the ignorance of our legal system thinking we are all stupid and to block out coverage. This is only because this person is/was a Cardinal in the Catholic Church that the legal system have been so supportive of and they do support the Church. Through out all the years of proceedings against clergy, just look at the sentencing between a clergy pedophile and a pedophile that has no links to the Church. The treatment is very different.

There is no place in our legal system for religion but they start the legal year with a mass. They start parliament year with prayer sessions. How offensive can one be, no thought at all. The PM made apologies to the victims in the National apology to Institutional Child Sex Abuse, made crocodile tears for the cameras but all along praising God. Then to start the Parliament year of with a prayer sessions, shows there has been no progress just words for cameras to make a show and look like they take it seriously. Meanwhile you have the deals made behind the cameras.

What hope does someone have to find justice. There is NO HOPE you just have to dig in and say what you did was wrong. You took my life away. I will never have a relationship, my first ever sexual experience was taken by a priest and so much more and that's not right you can never give that back.

What if it happened to your child, your family members then would you want justice?

I am not that little boy anymore.

I am no longer a victim of yours.

I survived and your responsible for your actions.

The boy is now a man who strives for justice.

I have taken that back, and that's the strongest feeling i have felt in a long time.

I am still in legal processes.

It has been 12 years and could be up to 15 at this stage, this is my fight for justice and it has now consumed my whole life now. There is no real reason that this drags out like its does, its "just the system". There system is broken and has been for a long time. Also known as the Catholic system. If we had access to the Wood Commissions finding then lives of so many would of been different. It was all locked up and concealed. Why? Who was and is involved? The reality is most people know now and in this day and age of information ignorance is a choice.

There is something I would like to introduce you too. It's called the Internet and it goes by the letter's WWW and that means World Wide Web and that means it is linked world wide and if overseas media publish then they will link it to Australia. You cannot keep trying to cover up the extent of the clergy pedophilia especially throughout Bathurst with links to Maitland, Sydney, Wollongong, Ballarat and it just keeps going.

The Royal Commission do know all of this because I it was in my statements that were submitted at the beginning.

There is no redress scheme, its on paper but that's is where it stayed. I tried. I tested it. Not one response back.

So now, just in this post we have links dating back to 1938 with All Hallows. We have convicted priests, Brothers, Teachers, Laymen from St Stanislaus College, Bathurst from the 60's to the 1990's then further back. Don't forget the College celebrated there 150 year anniversary a few years ago.

Then when children tried to speak up this happens and more A St Stanislaus College, Bathurst Brother caned a boy who tried to report being sexually abused There are many examples of this. This is just one priest at the College. There is around 16 that have been charged and then 3 got of on technicalities. One of them was the President of the College at the time.

Given all this why haven't the Vincentians been investigated for covering up and concealing child sex and ritual abuse.

There is no answer for that.

The reality is there are many Parish leaders or Orders as they like to be called that are currently on charges or have been charged for concealing/hiding clergy pedophilia and ritual abuse.

We have already established links to Maitland and Hunter Valley and we all know what has happened in Newcastle with Archbishop Phillip Wilson, later the courts overturned on appeal. There have been other convictions with a higher ranking Catholic then an archbishop just recently.

The national media ban.

The national disgrace more like it.

Now we have courts telling the people what they can say after a conviction. That's a big call.

In 2017 the 150 years of St Stanislaus College in Bathurst but was also the end of the Sister of Mercy after 150 years.

This is the Catholic cover up.

This is the Catholic Church.

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